Snoop, A-Rod, American Idol and a bunch of other crap..

May 31, 2007 — Hey, Snoop Dogg loves sports. There’s just no way around it. That high-out-of-his-mind thing sweats competition. He’s everywhere. You can always see Snoop on TV at a sporting event, whether it’s the Super Bowl, a USC game or whatever. Snoop Dogg


Remember him dancing around on the sideline of a USC game two years ago when Lendale White went huge? Plus, he loves the Steelers. He always rocks their gear in his music videos and I’m pretty sure he was interested in buying them.


The latest Snoop sighting – and the one what surprised me tons – was at last night’s Ottawa-Anaheim Stanley Cup Game 2.  I know Snoop chills in Cali, but do you really think he’s a Ducks fan? Nevermind hockey.


Apparently he was wearing some fake mustache the Anaheim organization doled out to fans before the game. Just picture that. I wonder if he goes to these things high. He has to; he’s always out of his tree. Good for you Snoop – you make anything tighter just by being there. My friend Hall once told me: “There are two people in life, two categories. You either like Snoop, or you like Shaq.”


Is that like true?


Snoop may have been watching Wednesday night’s hockey game, but he wasn’t one of many, I’m guessing. The ratings for the first game (a 3-2 Anaheim win) were released and came in at…. drumroll please….0.72! Alright, NHL! That translates to 523,000
U.S. households, or 1/34832 of American Idol viewers.


American Idol, btw? Really? This is what we’ve come to? This is the best show out? Maybe the biggest EVER made???? Wow. I haven’t watched it since the glory days of William Hung. Not after Fantasia and some other crappy people won.


Idol’s really only produced one star in Clarkson (whose concert tickets go for like 60 bucks, btw) and a bunch of flash in the pans (ahem, Ruben Studdard). My roommate Anthony actually raised a good point….why don’t they have big Rube sing the chorus on rap songs? He could be a fat Nate Dogg or something. He obviously can sing, and rap choruses don’t need to be lights out anyway, just catchy. Plus no one wants to listen to a song of all Ruben, I’m sorry. And you don’t even have to be tight to sign choruses. Just ask Akon.


Pained me to read this today in Fluto Shinzawa’s NHL notebook: “[Patrick] Kane, who considered Boston University before committing to major junior, scored 102 points in 2005-06 for the NTDP’s Under-18 team, breaking Phil Kessel’s season scoring record.” God damnit.


Saw there may be enough evidence to indict Vick in the dog fighting scandal. Story is pretty big on ESPN. Guess what, though? NO ONE CARES. NO ONE. NOT A SINGLE SOUL.


People just want to see Vick scramble around, juke D-Ends and somehow chuck it off his back leg 40 yards down the field. That’s it. We don’t care about his fifth house, with his cousin or whoever staying in it, and there could be illegal breeding of pitbulls and whatnot. I’m sorry, we just don’t.


And this stupid source, acting all secret and saying Vick is a “heavyweight” in dog fighting. What’s that even mean, a heavyweight? We trust this guy? Who are you? How are you connected to this? You’re a loser, tattletale and I can’t figure out a life where you can be willing to come out against Vick, but yet so in touch with dog fighting in the first place that you’re credible. How could you know if you weren’t a part of it too? That’s why I’m ignoring you and the whole story. From now on anyway.

Mike Vick

One of my other roommates, LexLam, made another good point about this Vick thing, although he didn’t mean to at the time. We were talking about how it’s tough to be shady as the President these days, with everyone reporting on every little thing George Bush does. We eventually got to talking about other Presidents, leading to JFK, who may have done the most un-PR stuff.


Course, it wasn’t a big deal back then. “Back then it wasn’t cool to rat out the President,” LexLam said. Good point. And it’s the same thing with professional athletes these days too. People are just looking for something, anything to bring them down. The Tom Brady Yankee hat thing, anything about Moss or T.O., anything Curt Schilling says…the list goes on and on. I’m sure athletes back in the day were the same, if not much worse. Things just seem much worse now cause of 24/7 coverage.


Speaking of blowing things out of proportion, A-Rod had another tough night last night. Not only was he on the front page of the Post with some fire blonde (not his wife) going into a strip club, but when he yelled something at Howie Clark in the Yankees-Jays game last night that made the Jays’ third baseman drop that pop-up, all I could think of was ‘What are you doing, A-Rod?’ As if you need more scrutiny. Comical to me. People already think you’re a little bitch since the Bronson purse slap.A-Rod


Now, if it were someone besides A-Rod who did it, it might not be so huge. But still, A-Rod doesn’t make many friends does he?


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