Kevin Garnett to Boston? Maybe.

Wall and KG

The latest hot Celtic rumor: a 5-for-1 trade that would net them Kevin Garnett.


That’s right, one of the most dominating big men of the past decade could be coming to Boston.

It’s all over the internet right now, from Chad Ford’s insider column to HoopsHype to True Hoop on ESPN.


The way Ford breaks it down is as so.

The T-Wolves get: Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastain Telfair, Theo Ratliff’s contract and the No. 5 pick in the draft.

The Celtics get: Garnett.


That would leave the Celts with an initial starting five of Rajon Rondo/Delonte West, Paul Pierce, Wally, Kendrick Perkins and Garnett. A very good lineup that makes them an instant contender, but without much depth. They’d need to get more help, whether it be with their later first round pick or a low-priced veteran with the midlevel exception.


I’m not exactly sure how cap figure would look, but I have to assume they’d be able to get some additional help (particularly in the draft, which has always been a strength for Danny Ainge).


Ford does explain the potential problems of the deal. Garnett can opt out of his contract ($22 million per season, tops in basketball) after next year, meaning the Celts would trade the house for him just to go at the title for a year.


That said, Ford tells us the Celts can obviously re-up Garnett, but then they’re faced with the quandary of what to pay a 31-year-old who seems like he’s been in the league forever (12 years, actually).


Good move, then? I don’t know. The Celtics are on the verge of becoming irrelevant in Boston thanks to their ping-pong ball disaster. We all saw what happened to the Bruins, barely a blip on any Bostonian’s radar. They need to win now.


Plus, with a wide-open East, they can contend for the title. I’m impatient. I say do it.




3 Responses to Kevin Garnett to Boston? Maybe.

  1. lexlam11 says:

    I love it… but we need to keep one of the 5 involved. Either gerald or the pick. We’d be left with the shallowest (least deep?) lineup in the history of the world.

  2. wolfie says:

    Screw it, pull the trigger. Noone is guarding KG in the East. Look how bad the Cavs are. Pierce, Garnett, Me, Mr. Kelly, Rondo could make it to the ECF.

  3. brendan blaisdell says:

    do it. we get garnett we get a ring, bottom line

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