New Phones, Runner’s High and Secrets

How lost are you when you get a new phone? You used to know all your settings and shortcuts in your old shitty one, then you get that new beauty and can’t figure out how to turn on vibrate. Because let’s be honest: no one is reading those directions. You kiddin me? Things textbook thick and goes into features you didn’t even pay for anyway. Only way to learn is trial and error.


Secret is one of the best new words to use. It’s huge at BU now. You surprise your friends with a lil 12-pack of Sam Summer? Secret beers. Someone bugging for gum and you pull out a pack? Secret gum. Girls can be secret hot, chooches can be secret whack, and sports teams can be secret hard to play. If you don’t use it, try it out. It’s a secret word you’ll enjoy.


No such thing as runner’s high I decided. At least not for me. Hate running and everything it stands for. Recently just started back into it in an attempt to get back in shape. It hurts and it blows. I always run just waiting for that runner’s high I hear so much about to kick in – nah, never does. I’d rather have stoner’s high.


I get why male-dominated areas in the workforce pretty much stay that way. Whether it’s government, CEOs, big time presidents and executives, people try to keep it in the guy’s hands. Why? Basically…you don’t want the women holding all the cards do you? They already can do whatever they want cause they hold the elusive sex card. Cause it’s very rare for a girl to want to have sex and the guy to not. It’s always the other way around. So much so that women can actually train men to do things just in the pursuit of getting laid. That said…they can’t have it all. Right?


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