Who’s Now?

The following post on ESPN’s ‘Who’s Now’ was written by Wolfie, the rest posted by nickwill. Enjoy:


‘Who’s Now’ is one of the worst SportsCenter segments I can remember.


The bracket setup is stupid. Why would there be upsets? The Now label is cheesy. I think it’s called who’s popular.


The panel leaves much to be desired also. I like Keyshawn in the studio for NFL, but he’s not versatile enough for this job. Michael Wilbon is OK, but he’s old and I get enough of him on PTI every day. Herbstreit is logical and safe but he doesn’t have any special reason to be telling me who or what is hot right now.


This segment could have been entertaining, and here’s how: 

First you cut down the giant ass bracket to 16 people max. No one watching a highlight show wants to see a debate that lasts over two weeks. Secondly, trying to create your own adjective is a reach. I’ll go with who’s hot or buzz index as the title. Lastly, the panel is going to make or break it. I need Stephen A. Smith on this segment in a bad way. SAS is your loud and energized opinionated sparkplug. Then give me Bill Simmons in the 2-hole for your pop culture and humor input. Then I’ll take Torry Holt for some swag and logic. (Holt is going to be smoke as an ESPN personality once he retires, by the way.)




Something about cell phone chargers makes them easy to forget. It’s always one of those things you need to be reminded of when you travel, whether it’s by another person or by writing it on some sort of list. I forgot mine twice in five days. Once at home when coming back to Boston and the other in Philly before coming back to Boston. It should also be noted that the one I left in Philly was a brand new one – a replacement for the one I left home.


That leaves me with a grand total of zero chargers for my phone. Do I get another for $30? Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just an idiot?




Me and my former roommate Anthony (See “Curse of the Marshall Faulk Jersey” below) were talking about this before: Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you “I know you better than you know yourself.”


Yea? You do? Or do I know EXACTLY what I’m thinking at EVERY single moment of the day and you can just guess how I’m feeling and maybe be right sometimes???


You tell me who knows me better. It’s a typical stupid Mom line that means absolutely zero. Sometimes girlfriends try and steal it as well. But seriously, c’mon, you think this tricks me?


I’ve been with me since the beginning. Everywhere I’ve went, too. You can’t say that. So stop trying to be a hero know-it-all.


One Response to Who’s Now?

  1. Scheity says:

    Cut back to some SportsCenter editorial meeting in mid-winter, mascots all chasing LaDanian Tomlinson down the hallway to the basement where Lance Armstrong’s pedaling, and see Stuart Scott, bored as hell and ready to pounce on the interns while Peter Gunz plays in his iPod. Then an idea lightbulb bursts over his head and he just stands up and yells “THIS WOULD BE FO SHIZZLE!” as Karl Ravich sinks his head into his hands.

    Scott then yells something about how crackin’ it would be to have these brackets, see, this brackets where we match up the illest peeps in the wizzle of sports or something. He’s obviously excited and it’s too early to say no to Stuart Scott. So as he keeps going on in his Ivy-League ebonics, quoting an unprecedented string of 8 straight unique Will Ferrell movies, people just give in to stop him from talking. That’s how Who’s Now was born.

    Who’s Now is Stuart Scott’s way of trying to get the cool kids to like him.

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