Sox Fans: Don’t Worry About Yankees


(Nick’s Note: The Following entry was written entirely by Wolfie. I may post something on it in a few days as well. Enjoy the post. As usual, feel free to comment.)

I can’t listen to WEEI right now. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. The nation is acting like they just got indicted for dogfighting.

I’m not sweating New York one bit. It’s all in your head. They owned us for decades and we are programmed to expect the worst. This isn’t your daddy’s Red Sox though. This team is built to win.

Baseball is cyclical. Over the long run the better talent will prevail. As for the short run? Well even the KC Royals can beat you in Fenway. Look, the Sox are 2nd in the AL in team ERA and first in runs allowed (377). This team can pitch. MDC, Okie, JP? Opposing teams don’t want to see that in the 7th, 8th, and 9th. The Sox don’t slug the ball? Despite Drew hitting an empty .260, The Red Sox have the third highest OPS in all of baseball (.800). Those runners are not going to keep getting stranded forever. The Red Sox are actually underperforming their way to the 2nd best record in baseball. It will even out. Flip a coin 100 times if you don’t believe me.

Things are not always as they seem. It feels like Coco and Drew have been terrible, but it’s actually that they got off to a bad start. Since June 1, Coco has hit .315 with an .843 OPS while Drew has hit .306 with a .895 OPS. They both are headed in the right direction.

Same thing with Ramirez, who’s posted a .950 OPS after April. The home runs haven’t been there for Ortiz, but you need to realize he has 32 doubles and has a sneaky 1.001 OPS, or the same exact OPS he had in 2005. He hasn’t been as magic, but Ortiz is still hitting significantly better than anyone on NY’s roster outside of Rodriguez.

New York has an atrocious pen leading up to Mo. The Murderer’s Row lineup sports Posada as its 2nd best hitter this season. How’s Damon doing? How about Rob Abreu? Giambi still putting them in the upper deck? Cano hitting .342 again yet? New York needs Clemens to live through the season and Hughes to come up and be spectacular if they plan on being relevant.

It’s down to 7 games. Bottom line: it’s not easy to gain 7 games on a team that is better than you, remember that. Good luck NY.


3 Responses to Sox Fans: Don’t Worry About Yankees

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  2. wolfman says:

    I liked this post I was reading on the Sons of Sam Horn message board tonight. So Im going to copy and paste it…

    “You know what I want to vent over? Not the team, which is fine, the f—ing reactionary fanbase, especially the retards on the main board that can’t see that the team (especially the offense) is still playing pretty good ball overall, even with the losses. All is not f—ing lost. There’s been a lot of bad luck lately, which will even out, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of dumbasses that cry and whine over a bad stretch and want reactionary moves done. They think getting rid of Mike Lowell and inserting Mark Teixeira will fix all of our woes, but will that stop Josh Beckett from getting a hard-luck loss on a day when he outpitched his opponent? Will he stop the team from outhitting and outwalking the opposing team, but scoring one less run? Will he stop Tavarez from sucking the 2nd and 3rd time through the order? Not a f—ing chance. There is not one logical trade to be made which will decidedly improve the squad, you just have to be PATIENT and wait it out.

    Unfortunately, patience is lost on this army of retards, and that’s probably why most other fanbases look at red sox nation with disdain, because so many people are crying when the team still has a great record and a great lead in the division.

    Wait it out. The offense is fine, the bullpen is great, Schilling’s coming back.”

  3. lexlam11 says:

    Anyone who calls EEI is retarded. At the allstar break the main topic of conversation was whether or not they wanted a closer race in the AL east because everyone was bored. Well, you got it retards. And now that you do you’re bitching like babies. I’ve been saying it since june (the sox are 3 games below 500 since may 29th btw) that the Yanks will give us a run for our money. If you’re not shaking scared you’re also a retard.

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