Bruschi Alive and Well

Tedy Bruschi is alive. It was all just a rumor.

I finally got the confirmation I needed. NBC sports reporter Tom Curran posted this a few hours ago. even made sure to post a story with the headline “Seymour on PUP; Bruschi arrives” on the front page of it’s sports section. Apparently, and this is according to Curran, it all started at FOX, where an anonymous email came in claiming Bruschi had died of a heart attack or something similar this morning.

A reporter called other reporters (not the Patriots!) who called others who called others, etc etc….until it got so out of hand that seemingly half of New England was wondering if Bruschi was alive.

It’s like the game telephone, someone said something to someone and it escaleted. By the end of the Sox game Tuesday, I was getting IMs and phone calls from people wondering the same thing: Was New England’s stroke-recovered linebacker OK? I heard a lot of different stories — Bruschi had a heart attack, he had another stroke, he had a heart attack but was OK. It was ridiculous.

Then, when word started to surface he was alive and well, I felt disgusted that someone would start a rumor like that. But apparently that wasn’t the case either. Just a careless miscommunication that grew grander as each person put his or her own spin on it (unintentional or not). But still, who the hell sent that email? We don’t know exactly what it said. Did they blatanty say they knew Bruschi died, did they inquire on an already running rumor, or did they get an offhand remark from a confused doctor?

But, the bottom line is he’s fine. So screw the other stuff for now.

Go #54.


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