South Park, MySpace Creeps and other parting shots heading into the weekend

South Park

I can’t believe I used to not like South Park. I can’t believe I actually argued Family Guy was better. And this was just a year ago. What was I thinking?

I guess I just saw some of the early seasons (seasons 1 and 2 actually aren’t that good) and must have only seen bad episodes from the later ones. What probably happened, is that I saw a bunch of the gross poop, puke, weird ones that I don’t really like anyway.

But still, I’m almost embarrassed I defended Family Guy. South Park is infinitely better. It’s wittier, funnier, more clever and absolutely makes fun of everything. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are legit geniuses. The stuff they come up with…incredible.

They use to perfection: satire, lampooning, parody and shock-value (yea I took a comedy class freshman year). Their message is never real, but always one of humor – they make fun of every side of an issue you can think of, making sure no one gets left out. And when they get too preachy, or when they think they do, they make fun of themselves.

My roommates and I DVR’d all episodes this year, so I’ve almost seen every episode now, although new ones crop up in My Recordings every now and then.

Seriously, you have to trust me on this. If you’re shaking your head saying “no way, that show is whack,” you really need to give it a shot. I’m telling you, no show keeps up with pop culture and current events like this one. And no show makes fun of them in a way that’s always pretty much exactly how you want it.

God bless Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny for making my year way funnier.

Read an article that said MySpace identified 29,000 sex offenders with profiles on its site. Haha, WHAT??? Yea, that site is safe. Wall post away, kids!

A very underrated thing we do as humans is heal. Cut myself the other day and was thinking about it. You lose skin, your body takes care of it. Lil scab, shed the dead skin, grow some new skin and, bingo, you’re all good. So ill that we have that rejuvenation power. Good looks, God.

“So easy a caveman could do it” is taking over rap lyrics. That line is in so many songs now. It was clever the first 1 or 2 times I heard it. Now I’m over it.

Wow the drawstring in gym shorts is annoying. You kidding me? Why’s this thing designed to fall out? Anyone wanna explain that? I know you’re with me, you hate that moment when you look down and notice one string is way longer than the other and the other has slipped through the hole. You might even feel around a little bit thinking you can fix it. No way pal. You need a Mom for that. They’re nice at it.

Actually, girls in general are pretty good at it. I don’t know one guy who can do it. Except Matty D says his dad can. Don’t know if I believe him though.

Was watching TV the other day with my boy Trey and that Pepsi Max commercial came on with all the people yawning in it. It legit made Trey yawn, I loved it. So I hit rewind and watched it again more closely to see if it would do it to me. Didn’t work, but I could kinda feel my mouth moving a little. Don’t know if me being conscience of what I was trying to do affected it or not. Anyone yawn to this commercial?

Couple last sidenotes in what might be my last post until Monday:

This is a huge weekend for concerts. You got the Police at Fenway, 311 at Tweeter, Country Fest and Rage Against the Machine w/ Wu-Tang. So redic for music lovers.

Gotta mention sports once. How bout this: The Red Sox and Indians’ exchange of 1-0 victories on consecutive nights was the first time two AL teams did that since 1975. Doesn’t that seem pretty absurd?

By the way, don’t you dare pitch to ANY Yankee. It’s probably going to end up an RBI double or something.


40 Responses to South Park, MySpace Creeps and other parting shots heading into the weekend

  1. lexlam11 says:

    Anyone who still isn’t sold on SP kicking FG’s ass, I must refer you to, season 10 I believe. You will find a fire two-part episode entitled cartoon wars where South Park addresses this exact issue. If this doesn’t change your mind you’re just being stubborn…

  2. balla says:

    no one should ever believe anything lexlam writes on the internet because he just lost $350 online playing blackjack.

    still, south park is significantly better than family guy, which may or may not be the least funny show on TV these days.

    an interesting thing about life, too: that whole british people having bad teeth bit: TOTALLY TRUE. 100%. my roommate at training in minnesota is from england and has the worst pointy, yellow teeth i’ve ever seen. i called him out on it last night and he had nothing to reply back. it’s british people’s biggest insecurity.

    oh and underrated — is fausto carmona real?! what if someone dealt for him last year when he was terrible in the pen? i like heard his name in trade rumors. think the yankees might want him now? just maybe?

  3. xxwolfiexx says:

    I need to get into South Park.

    Real nice post Williams. Really bringing it lately. Im jealous to be honest.

  4. anonymous says:

    You wish that South Park’s better. But you’re dead wrong that it is. As much as I hate Family Guy, it’s a tad easier to handle that South Park. But I honestly their makers deserve to die early and horribly. Same thing goes for all those who support those shows fanatically.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dang it! i forgot to put “believe” between “honestly” and “their.” My bad.

  6. ANGLEN says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Only creeps like South Park.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Only dumbass like South Park.

  9. Anonymous says:

    South Park’s for creeps.

  10. Anonymous says:

    South Park and Family Guy are for losers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Who would have thought that would be many posts that are against South Park in this blog?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many posts I have in here.

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