Gmail, Craigslist, SportsCenter, oh my!

September 12, 2007

Hey GMail is fire. There’s no other way to say it. It has the easiest and best features you want and none of it is in a place it shouldn’t be. Google is a lot like Apple in that its main thing is being user friendly. That’s what Google and Gmail are all about – just so convenient for you.

Also love the SportsCenter Rundown. That thing has made me start to watch the show again. This way I stay watching, even through commercials, if I know something unreal is coming up in the next couple segments and I change the channel if it’s “Women’s Tennis,” “Brickyard 400,” and “New Vick Allegations” on deck. Perfect I think, usta always be able to skip Who’s Now?

Flying and airports in general always make you a little nervous. You basically just want everything to run smoothly, everything to get done and make it without any trouble. That’s why you’ll just go with anything they say just to get by. Take off your sandals? Fine. Can’t bring my lighter today but I can tomorrow? I’m not complaining. If you see someone raising their voice and then getting ushered away? “Hey, it’s an airport, bro.” The act of flying itself is a whole ‘nother story. You don’t like it when you see the fasten seatbelt sign. You don’t like any mention of circling a city. And you don’t like going in for a landing approach and then coming back up. This is true for everybody.

I would much rather do something online than on the phone or in person. Whether it’s getting food delivered, paying bills, filling out any type of application, making a work schedule, buying gift cards/books/video games/DVDs…it’s all more efficient to do online I feel. I don’t know if I’m right or not.

Think it’s time for a change with craigslist yet? I’m sure you guys have made some money somehow. Can you update the site now? Things the most confusing site I’ve ever seen, just tons of little blue plain links, mad confusing jumbled words, loads you in San Francisco for reason every time. Hate it. Update that shit.

People who ride bikes are their own breed. They don’t like cars or walking. And it takes a certain person that doesn’t mind being hated. Drivers hate bikers — always taking up tons of the road, swerving close when you’re about to open a door, taking wide ass turns and making you slow down. “Get on the sidewalk asshole.” Pedestrians absolutely hate bikers too – always zooming by your side brushing by your jacket, get a little excuse me or gay horn beep with them trying to get by. “Why don’t you ride in the street, idiot.” Can’t win.