Bringing back the blog with WEEI, Rick Ross and Paintball

****Bringing back the blog (yes, once again…USS is the Rickey Henderson of blogs). Thing’s been getting secret hits (like 150 a day) for some reason while I’ve neglected it. Apparently if you search for bats or batman, my story on the bat attck comes up a lot. Who knows. Anyway, starting off with an info post. Tomorrow: music review. Hopefully will get some contributions from Tevlin, Stello and/or Wolfie someitme soon. Enjoy.***

Can’t listen to EEI without a nice CD on deck for commercials. Their breaks are for like 10-15 minutes…just unbearable stuff too including the hosts doing tons of plugs. I’ll change to CD then check back 3-4 times until it’s back from annoying.

I feel like Rick Ross – Port of Miami is one of the most underrated rap CDs released in the past year or two. Very good every listen.

Don’t get people who drive in the left fast lane on the highway then drive 60. “Hey now, the speed limit’s 60 and that’s what I’m gonna buddy.” – Def what theyre saying in their minds as a line of cars is bunched behind them and they won’t pull to the right lane. What are you trying to prove, hero?

I was gonna buy an XBox 360 (only $279 now) but instead I’m using that money for Miami to see the Pats with Delaney, Tevlin and crew. Is it worth it to buy a used one? Or is that a horrible investment? I’m counting on Tevlin or Wolfie to awnser this here…

Speaking of paintball, I played the other day at my dad’s gf’s son’s (how do you like that chain)bachelor party for the first time since like 8th grade. Forgot how fun it was. You think it’s gonna be lame until you’re out there and all of a sudden you’re in full-out warrior mode, wondering why you didn’t decide to kill people for a living, because you’re having such a ball.

We Own the Night, Gone Baby Gone, and American Gangster are must-see in theatres for me.

Remember what I said the other day about the timeouts right before a field goal attempt? Just saw something on SportsCenter about it…only saw the rundown and not what people had to say. Let me know if you saw.


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