Ortiz Rides A Sidecar and The Whitest Kids U Know

February 29, 2008

First thing’s first. If you haven’t yet seen the best picture I’ve seen this week, check out David Ortiz riding in a sidecar during Wednesday’s trip to DC. This pic is from the Boston Herald. Get ready to LOL:

David Ortiz sidecar

 Is he the man or what?

 Second thing I got for you is gold. My buddy introduced me to the Whitest Kids U Know, a sketch group that had a show on Fuse and apparently is a pretty big hit on the internet, so you may have already heard of them. Anyway, I checked out a few vids, and this one made me laugh the most:

Here’s one more explaining the “true” assination of Abe Lincoln. Who would have thought:

In sports news, Pats resigned Tedy Bruschi and Kelly Washington, and there’s nothing new on the Randy Moss front. As for Asante, he’s scheduled to meet with Philly today. This must be a dire time for Eagles’ fans because they announce his visit (along with a pic) on the front page of the team’s website. Relax.

In hoops, looks like Cassell is ready to come here. Too bad we already got PJ Brown, so we can’t bring in Spree too. Damn it.


Link Me

February 28, 2008

Some links I picked up from Simmons and the blogosphere…

Mark Kotsay’s wife is hot

Roger, the Unartful Dodger – This story will probably make you hate him. What a d-bag.

Andy Olmsted – Soldier in Iraq who was a blogger. He died recently and left this entry to be published in case he did. Its heavier than most links you’ll see here but I thought it was really good.

UFC signs with Anheuser-Busch – Big news for MMA

Um this video scares the life out of me. Saw it on Thebiglead earlier. Ive been thinking about it all day.

Fantasy Baseball Unplugged: ’08 Overview

February 28, 2008

Fantasy baseball is coming fast. My crew has our draft later this week actually. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, ranking, and thinking so I’m in the mindset. I figured I will give a rough overview, or just some thoughts on the 2008 player pool. The rankings never finish how they start but last year we had more breakouts and busts than usual. Lets try to make sense of last year by seeing where we stand today. First lets look at some of the guys you cant go wrong with.

5 toolers make up Top 5 Based off of standard 5 category scoring. And the rankings stress 5 category contributors. Realize that as much as Im stressing HR/SB and balance, HR are more important to your offense. HR’s are their own category but every one of them adds a Run and an RBI, a direct correlation. I wouldn’t recommend punting (ignoring) SB’s though. Just because they aren’t directly affecting any other categories. The SB guys are also usually the ones hitting at the top of a lineup and scoring more runs than they drive in. You want a blend of guys who can go deep and bat runs in, along with guys who steal and score. The nice thing about these next 5 guys is that they do it all.

1. A. Rodriguez – I think he should probably regress a little bit, but thats not a problem when your Runs and RBI added up equals 300. The 54 HR is just outrageous when you add in 24 steals. 10 years ago Rodriguez became one of only 4 hitters in history to join the 40/40 club (42HR and 46SB), and combining for 78 last year proves he still has it. A couple other clinchers for the 1 ranking are his durability, and the fact that his absolute floor is 280 with 35 HR, 100 RBI/R and speed numbers.

2. D. Wright – Hitting in the heart of the Mets lineup and has a skillset that transfers to perfect to fantasy success. Wright will fill up a stat sheet. .325 with 30 jacks and 220 RBI+R. The sneaky part of Wright’s game last year was his 34 steals though. That number is no joke and relieves the pressure to get speed in your lineup without dragging down your teams power numbers. For example, Howard/Crawford as your 1/2 picks would give you 50hr/50sb. Wright/Beltran gives you 63/57 with still an open roster spot for power rich and deep 1B. Lastly, Wright is 25 years old and only getting better.

3. H. Ramirez – I would say probably the strongest candidate besides Soriano to go 40/40. Atleast at some point in his career. Hanley is going to steal 40 or 50 every year and the power is developing at a rapid rate. Hanley rips the cover off the ball. Hes came close to 50 doubles in both of his first two years. 29HR/51SB with a slugging percentage higher than Miguel Cabrera. The doubles and the steals mean he basically lives on 2nd base so scoring a lot of runs is a regular affair. Put Hanley in Jimmy Rollins spot in the Phillies lineup and you might have an argument at number 1. Interesting to think that Vladdy always holds so much trade value and Hanley hit 2 more HR and stole 49 more bags.

4. A. Soriano – The second player on this list that is in the 40/40 club. Soriano’s value has dipped because he did struggle a little in Chicago. So he had an off year and was injured for 27 games but still finished 33/19. The 40/40 year was not a fluke. With the Yankees he went 39/41 and 38/35 in ’02 and ’03. Hes streaky anyway, but when Soriano got settled and healthy he went off in September to the tune of 14 HR and .320. Bottom line is Soriano’s 40/40 season that he is one year removed from is the type of year that will win you your league. 2008 should probably bring 35/30 from a shallow outfield and I’m cool with that. I will be targeting Soriano top 10 in all of my leagues.

5. Jimmy Rollins – He isn’t the player Hanley is, but Rollins is as strong of a 5 category contributor as anyone on the list. He will probably hit close to .300 again, he doesn’t miss games, and the Philly lineup is crazy. Rollins gets on base, swipes a bag while Victorino is up if he wants, then gets driven in by Utley or Howard. He scored an insane 139 runs last season but the 94 RBI is what I love. 94 RBI out of the leadoff spot is a weapon. Reyes had 57 last year and the other big names get around 80. Then back to the theme of this list really, Rollins hit 30 and stole 41. I know he doesn’t have the raw talent of Hanley or Reyes, but he does have their production and then some. The lineup and durability make Rollins a real strong pick for me.

Other things

-Position scarcity and depth is something you want to be aware of. This year OF is more thin than usual so don’t wait if you want to trot out 2 or 3 elite hitters. Holliday is a complete monster then Soriano, Sizemore, Beltran are going to go and the elite 5 toolers are pretty much gone. Crawford has always been overrated as a fantasy guy for me and never given you much RBI and pop but he will give you 50 bags and the power could develop. Next on your list is probably Vlad, who stole hit 39 HR and stole 41 bases in 2002, and he will hit about 25 HR and steal 1 base in 2008. Granderson, Berkman, Carlos Lee, Maggs, and Ichiro are the only big names you have left to fill 3 OF spots.. There are some good OF’ers being selected around picks 40 or 50, but the elite ones will be gone quick.

-Shortstop is also thin this year. The dropoff after the big 3 is enormous. If you miss out on Reyes/Rollins/Ramirez, your going to want to chill out until the 5th round or so when you can start looking at Tulowitzki and Jeter. If you still don’t have a shortstop after that, I would recommend looking at Tejada or seeing what Renteria can do at the bottom of the Tigers lineup.

-2B is not as shallow as years past. Utley is still number one obviously but the dropoff from him to Brandon Phillips and Upton is a lot less than the 3rd to 4th SS dropoff. Upton and Phillips are both 30/30 candidates, Figgins and Roberts can steal 50 bags, Cano can rake, Uggla has some pop, Kinsler showed a lot of promise, and Kendrick and Weeks are high ceiling guys going before pick 100.

-You won’t win your league with your top picks usually, you win it with guys you get in the middle rounds and end up as 2009 first rounders. Like selecting Prince Fielder, Braun, Phillips, Holliday, Upton, Granderson types last year. Or the Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Howard, and Jose Reyes’ of the year before. Identifying those players is the hard part, but you know what to look for. Invest in young players who are on the upswing of their career instead of selecting the former all stars in their mid 30’s. Young players develop a lot more often than old players have a resurgence. Also you can look for guys coming off a down year and take advantage of that. Just ask A-Rod owners from last year who drafted him in the 2nd half of the first round. I think Pujols, Howard, Ortiz, Teixeira, and maybe Soriano are guys this year that have the talent to be top 5 picks again. Below this post is Matty C’s top 10 rooks, good breakout candidates in there.

-Know your leagues rules inside and out. All those rankings you are studying probably need to be tweaked.

-Balance. If your first three hitters are all leadoff guys and score thousands of runs, start targeting 3-4-5 hitters with higher RBI’s. Don’t know whether to draft Markakis or Rios? Look at your earlier picks and see if more Runs or RBI will do a better job of balancing you out.

-Take guys you want. I would strongly recommend using your gut over your head. After all it is just fantasy and the preseason rankings will be flipped upside down by the end of the year. If all the experts like Reyes over Rollins but you look at the numbers and just dont see it, then take Rollins earlier.

-Go into your draft prepared. Remember that even though all you have been thinking about is who you are going to draft in the 1st round, your money is made in the middle or later rounds when other people are starting to fade. Its worth it to do your research ahead of time. Go into the draft with a list of late round guys you want to target.

10 MLB Rookies To Keep Your Eye On

February 28, 2008

Evan Longoria

By Matty C

Keep in mind, these are not the 10 best prospects in the minors, rather just my opinion on 10 guys you should keep in mind on during your fantasy draft day who will be considered rookies in 2008:

1)Evan Longoria, 3B, Tampa Bay.

No, he’s not related to Eva, but he’s a slugging third baseman for an up and coming D-Rays lineup (predicting them to finish 3rd in the AL East this year). Great swing and put up great #’s in the minors last year, topping out at AAA Durham. He’s 22 and has 4-5 tool potential. Similar skill set to David Wright. Should be available in the later rounds.

2)Clay Buchholz, RHP, Boston Red Sox.

This kid is the real deal. 3 plus pitches, threw a no-hitter, and his minor league numbers are identical to Josh Becketts while they were both in AA Portland. Only concern, fantasy wise anyways, is the limit on his innings. Might start in AAA but he’s worth a 10th round or later investment.

3)Joey Votto, 1B, Cincinatti Reds.

Slugging 1st baseman should break camp as the starter in Cincy this year. Has a career 290/385/480 line in the minors, and hit at a nice 321/360/520 clip in his 1st cup of coffee in the majors last year. Nice little bonus here, 20 SBs in his last two minor league seasons.

4)Daric Barton, 1B, Oakland A’s.

Billy Beane’s pet, he walked more than he struck out in the minors. Although his power potential isn’t that highly thought of, he did ht 8hr’s in 72 at bats during his scortching hot Sept call-up. Good late round pick as a back up utility/1b man.

5)Jay Bruce, CF, Cincinatti Reds.

Um, he’s 20, and rose from single-A to AAA in one minor league season, smashing 26 home runs and turning in a staggering 320/380/590 line. CF for the Reds is his job to lose, now that Josh Hamilton is in Arlington. Only concern here is he has never seen a major league pitch, but the pure talent is there.

6)Geovany Soto, C, Chicago Cubs

Soto arrived last year, winning the Pacific Coast League MVP with a 353/430/620 line. He got called up in Sept. and hit .388 with 3 home runs in 52 ABs. He’s penciled in to be the Cubs starting catcher, and if you miss on a Tier 1 guy, he’s worth taking a long look at in a later round.

7)Cameron Maybin, OF, Florida Marlins.

Maybin’s the reason the Miguel Cabrera trade wasn’t a complete fleecing. Legitmate 5 tooler who will start the year in CF for the young Marlins, he’s got 300/20/80/80/20 potential.

8)Andy LaRoche, 3B, LA Dodgers

Younger brother of Adam LaRoche, the kid hit 18 home runs in just 265 AAA AB’s last season. Should be the starting 3B for LA this year, and is hitting in a nice lineup featuing James Loney, Matt Kemp, Andruw Jones, Nomar, Jeff Kent, and Russell Martin. He drew 200 walks in just 3 minor league seasons, to the tune of a 380 OBP. Good backup corner guy.

9)Homer Bailey, RHP, Cincinatti Reds

I’m not a huge Bailey guy, but he’s got the pure stuff to be a good major league pitcher this year. Mid 90’s fastball and a hammer curve, his command in the minors is the hold up for me (4 walks per 9 innings). In his callup last year, he walked and struck out 28 guys in 40 innings. Look for him to be better this time around.

10)Joba Chamberlin, RHP, NYY

He’d be ranked higher if he had a definitive role on the squad. Electric stuff, high 90s fastball and a slider that falls off the table. Will start the year in the bullpen and transition into a starter. This year’s breakout if his stuff translates for 6-7innings at a time.

Cpl Quicks: Sox in DC and Retro Britney

February 27, 2008

Red Sox visited the White house today to meet with President Bush. At one point Bush made this joke when talking about Ortiz, “I’m sorry his running mate Manny isn’t here, I guess his grandmother died again” ha sheeeeiit. The following picture is a reaction to the joke. You can get some other pics of the event here.

And our youtube of the day: Remember when Britney wasn’t a mess?? Wow huh?

Cassell on his way to Boston…Sprewell next?

February 27, 2008


Love that Sam Cassell is finally close to getting bought out by the Clipper and, as you know, maybe coming here to Boston.

This has been rumored for some time now and it’s been my hope that not only would the Celts get Cassell, but they’d also scoop his and KG’s buddy from Minnesota: the one and only Latrell Sprewell.

Remember those three took the T-Wolves to the Western Conference finals during KG’s MVP year of 2004. They sweat each other.

Sprewell hasn’t played in the NBA since 2005 when he turned his worst season as a pro in his last year with the Timberwolves. This, or course, was only a few months after Sprewell turned down a 3-year, $21 million extension to stay with Minny, uttering his famous quote “I have a family to feed.”

Well after Sprewell turned in career lows in points (12.8) and rebound (3.2) during 2004-05, no team was going to offer him anything closed to $7-mill per. He received a one-year offers for around $1 million, but his agent, Bob Gist, said Spree would rather retire than play for the NBA minimum salary, even telling SI that “Latrell doesn’t need the money that badly. To go from being offered $7 million to taking $1 million, that would be a slap in the face.”

Spree ended up spurning a few more offers to come back around the All-Star break for the mid-level exception (about $5 million), and ended up just not playing basketball anymore.

Why is any of this relevant now? Well, in case you missed it, Spree’s 70-foot yacht, the awesomely named “Milwaukee’s Best,” was just repossessed by the government after he defaulted on the $1.5 million mortgage.  

My point being: he could use the money apparently. Don’t know why, he made tons while playing in the NBA and remember the Sprewell spinning rims? Pretty sure every athlete/rapper had to have those at one point.

The only question concerns whether he can still play. In December of 2006, KG, Troy Hudson and Trenton Hassell and Hudson told USA Today that “(Sprewell) looks like he could play 48 minutes right now.”

Hmmm…a Minnesota reunion?

I’m F*cking Ben Affleck: Kimmel’s Response to Silverman

February 26, 2008

Loved Sarah Silverman’s dig to boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel about banging Matt Damon. Truly a piece of comedic genious and made me reconsider my thoughts on her.  Then I saw the other day (last night I think) Kimmel had aired a response on his show. Unreal:

For those of you who havn’t seen the original video in its entirety:

 Another link I thought was very interesting from this week, Harvard’s gym is implenting women’s only gym hours to accomodate its Muslim students who can’t work out in front of men. That’s real. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the 1500s!

Also, Floyd Mayweather supposedly is going to wrestle The Big Show in March’s WrestleMania. Supposed to be banking a cool $20 mill for it. Watch him make it rain in that video.