J-Kidd back to Dallas

(Editor’s Note: It looks like this trade is in limbo now because of Devan George exercising a little-known no-trade clause that states a player on a one-year contract who is also eligable for Earl Bird free agency cannot be traded without their consent. Can’t believe that bum could screw this up.)

So it looks like J-Kidd is going back to the team that drafted him in the pre-Cuban era out of Cal and then traded him to Phoenix in 1996. What does this mean?

Well it takes the Nets out of the Celtics way in the East considering they are only bringing back Devin Harris (a good little player) and a grab bag from Dallas. An Eastern Conference Final of Boston-Detroit has to be likely. The power in the West is definitely in Texas, but which team is the favorite is now debatable. San Antonio has a great shot if Duncan is healthy. I think Dallas’ core of Josh Howard, Jason Terry, Kidd, and Dirk is scarier than a movie on Tevlin’s top 10 list though.

It’s worth noting that Kidd’s shooting percentage this year (36.7%) is only 1.7 points higher than his age (35), but he had a great year last year and a very good summer with Team USA. He adds toughness, leadership, passing, and rebounding to a team that already sports a 34-17 record. The West playoffs are going to be a lot of fun. The power 2, Shaq/Nash, Kobe’s Lakers, Deron Williams’ Jazz, Maybe Melo/AI, and Chris Paul’s Hornets are all good TV. Hopefully the big three gets a shot at one them in the finals.


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