Hey XxWoLFieXx, Link Me


I can never really link much in profile because of the character limit. And noone, besides Math 55 really knows how that thing works anyway. So yea, here is a forum where I can hook you guys up with some links that I come across on the blogosphere. And sorry if you didn’t understand the picture above. Lets hit the links.

The Zednik throat cut reminded a lot of people of the Clint Malarchuk injury.

These girls might change your life – Emerging Hotties.

Or you could just look at the Adriana Lima gallery that Barstool posted .

Good little read for baseball guys – Future is Bright

If you wanted to see Ray Allen on Conan last night, here is the vid.

Debbie Clemens and Jose Canseco’s wife once compared boob jobs – Yahoo

Bootleg of the Indiana Jones trailer. He thought it was closer.

Duuude Dwight Howard is the freakiest. – Practice Slam

Chris Bosh is a character. – CBTV

I still want a Netgun.

Cop dumps a dude out of his wheelchair, horrible. TB News

Clinton Portis likes to block

Earl “The Pearl” Monroe Mix

“Guess what? Kobe dunked it in your face” – Cheers to Shaq

Shes Fu*kin Matt Damon


3 Responses to Hey XxWoLFieXx, Link Me

  1. obeese says:

    Bastard, that Beasley link was a dastardly trick. I can’t think of anything I’d want to see less than Dennis Miller’s crappy show.

  2. wolfie says:

    Sorry about that. As soon as Williams gives me editing privileges I can fix it.

  3. Matt says:

    rlol still at shes f*cking matt damon

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