The Truth Behind Spygate and Other Links

 Finally. Thank God the Patriots ended their silence on SpyGate. Belichick and Pioli spoke to the Globe’s Matt Reis on Sunday.

Love that Ryan Newman’s win at Daytona was a product of the “Shake and Bake.” And why does one of those announcers sound just like Jerry the King Lawyer.

Barton sent me over this link. Unreal. Haven’t decided yet if it’s real or not.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard’s goal in Sunday’s Wild-Predators game was un-be-lievable. If this were Crosby or Ovechkin, you would have already heard about it.  1-on-4? No problem.

Of course, Bouchard also scored this goal last season.

How important is the NFL draft? Check out the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants’ (eww) 2007 Draft Class: cornerback Aaron Ross (first round), receiver Steve Smith (second), defensive lineman Jay Alford (third), linebacker Zak DeOssie (fourth), tight end Kevin Boss (fifth), offensive lineman Adam Koets (sixth), defensive back Michael Johnson (seventh), and running back Ahmad Bradshaw (seventh). Every one of those guys made the G-Men’s roster. with Ross, Smith, DeOssie, Boss and Bradshaw making huge contributions, particularly down the stretch. Hard to top the impact of that class. Maybe the best draft of last year?

Wolfie and I were talking about the NFL salary cap the other day, prompting me to do a little research on the subject (for some reason MLB’s payroll is always a big story, but the NFL’s never is). Here’s what I found: the cap is increasing from $109 million last year to $116 million in 2008. Here’s the list of each team’s payroll in 2007. (Note: this is NOT the cap payroll. This includes bonus/incentives, so don’t think 11 teams were over the salary cap. In actuality, only two teams were over last year (Redskins and Colts).

2007 NFL Team Salaries:

1 Panthers $123,707,016
2 Patriots $122,725,423
3 Vikings $121,524,054
4 Cowboys $120,821,036
5 Redskins $120,516,130
6 Rams $116,485,467
7 Colts $113,607,772
8 Bengals $111,917,228
9 Seahawks $111,770,825
10 Titans $110,352,610
11 Giants $110,106,554
12 Eagles $103,982,166
13 Falcons $100,713,595
14 Broncos $98,752,003
15 Jaguars $98,335,887
16 Ravens $98,335,887
17 Texans $98,335,887
18 49ers $96,661,366
19 Saints $96,434,976
20 Bears $96,066,989
21 Cardinals $95,544,952
22 Browns $94,357,302
23 Steelers $90,751,557
24 Chargers $90,226,303
25 Packers $90,148,095
26 Buccaneers $87,043,316
27 Raiders $84,521,705
28 Dolphins $83,939,423
29 Lions $81,300,315
30 Chiefs $76,633,107
31 Jets $75,338,300
32 Bills $65,782,440


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