I heard Manny is in the best shape this year.

Is it just me or do we say the same thing about Manny every off season? “Oh yea, Manny got in crazy shape this year”. Its usually a different training regimen than the yr before (swinging in the off season, not swinging in the offseason, losing weight, working out with a different trainer, etc) and we buy into it immediately because deep down every Sox fan loves that goofball like nothin else. We all hope he has one more year 2000 type season left in him, when he hit .351 and slugged 50 points higher than 2007 A-Rod. In reality Manny works hard every off season when he isn’t puffin alien fingers and buying cars. Then he shows up to spring training, his hair just a little bit crazier than the last, and we love it. We hear the annual ‘I love playing in Boston’ announcement, and an enormous season just seems right.

The reality is that this is likely be Manny’s last season in Boston. His contract runs out after this year and the Sox picking up his option is probably not going to happen unless he puts together an mvp run. At this point he deserves to be a DH and just focus on raking. Its just too bad we have a living legend penciled into that spot. But back to the larger point I wanted to make, please enjoy him this year. Watching Manny Ramirez over the course of an entire baseball season is really a privilege for a sports fan. He is just consistently bananas and you can’t fully appreciate it unless you put the hours in like we do in Boston. Manny being Manny is too perfect. He is one of the top 5 most unique people in sports today. He’ll have you throwing your clicker in frustration, fist pumping and high fiving in celebration, and laughing your ass off all on a regular basis. Hes the puppy that pisses in the house (or the green monster) but is impossible to stay mad at because hes such a funny little thing and honestly didn’t know better. Its a strange dynamic because as much as people get tired of his antics, he is almost impossible to hate. You really give him the puppy pass. One way I can tell I’m going to miss the show that is Manny Ramirez is the fact that when I flip on Sox games and see the lineup, There isn’t anyone I am more disappointed to see have the day off than Manny.

Few links that will get you in the mood. (PS, the Walkoff against the Angels was one of my favorite of all time.)

Walkoff Press Conference

Manny gets excited at the parade. If I die tonight, and invitation back to his apt.



3 Responses to I heard Manny is in the best shape this year.

  1. Nick says:

    Manny is my fav Sox of all-time I think. Also note that he normally works out by himself at his house in Florida, but this winter spent the offseason in Arizona at the Athlete’s Performence Center working out with Pedroia, Youk, Carl Crawford and couple guys from the Twins. Herald ran a nice feature on it detailing the grueling workouts. I tried to link it but because they’re so cheap and the story is more than 7 days old, it costs money to view. Still, if one thing makes Manny tick, it’s this: money. Contract year he dropped his agents and scooped Scott Boras. Prob worked out harder than ever and I don’t think we’ll see that slow April start this year. In fact, I’m guessing his year will be so good (.310, 40, 120) that the Sox have no choice but to pick up one option, at least.

  2. xxwolfiexx says:

    1 Million dollars per home run last year. Kind of weird seeing Cano slug the same as Manny. Or how about Hanley Ramirez hit 9 more HR than Manny Ramirez.

    I hear that comment though. I feel a huge year too. But me and you predict a monster season from him every season.

    And if Drew is worth 16 million, I’ll give Manny 20 million just for the shit of it.

  3. Matty C says:

    Manny’s going to do what he always does if he plays 150plus games…right around 300, 35 home runs, 120rbi’s. The big IF is the healthy part. But he doesn’t have a track record so much of injuries, but he’s also clean and 36. Unlike Bonds and Clemens, your career shouldn’t begin its peak at 36, thats a big decline age. So take 10 percent off worst case scenario, he’s 275/25/118…alot of teams would take that in the 3 or 4 hole.

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