Ortiz Rides A Sidecar and The Whitest Kids U Know

First thing’s first. If you haven’t yet seen the best picture I’ve seen this week, check out David Ortiz riding in a sidecar during Wednesday’s trip to DC. This pic is from the Boston Herald. Get ready to LOL:

David Ortiz sidecar

 Is he the man or what?

 Second thing I got for you is gold. My buddy introduced me to the Whitest Kids U Know, a sketch group that had a show on Fuse and apparently is a pretty big hit on the internet, so you may have already heard of them. Anyway, I checked out a few vids, and this one made me laugh the most:

Here’s one more explaining the “true” assination of Abe Lincoln. Who would have thought:

In sports news, Pats resigned Tedy Bruschi and Kelly Washington, and there’s nothing new on the Randy Moss front. As for Asante, he’s scheduled to meet with Philly today. This must be a dire time for Eagles’ fans because they announce his visit (along with a pic) on the front page of the team’s website. Relax.

In hoops, looks like Cassell is ready to come here. Too bad we already got PJ Brown, so we can’t bring in Spree too. Damn it.


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