St. Maarten Will Take Ya Head Off

Some day I need to stand under this thing. Here is your youtube of the day.

Couple quicks…

-Texting and driving is more common than adults realize. That stuff is not safe. Maybe as bad as driving drunk or asleep. Ive been practicing the no look Matt Damon in The Departed text. It can be done.

-You know you car dance a little. When you really have to jam out the arms, shoulders, and torso are movin. Feel like its kinda good too huh. Now what I want to know is if people confined to a wheelchair dance, and do they dance like healthy people car dance?

-Woww Snickers ice cream bars are unbelievable. Replace the regular filling with ice cream and the caramel doesn’t freeze? Things are out of this world. Get one and you’ll probably never go back to any other convenience store ice cream. I saw Sull eat one the other day and as hes finishing he says “wow I could eat two more”. Later on, diff place, Retta eats one and says “I could eat three of those”. What a treat.

Spring training is upon us. Lets remember not to put to much stock in it though. Realize that players are just getting the rust off and working on the basics. Don’t get too worried if the Sox, or your fantasy team players aren’t doing so well.

“I’m just trying to put some good wood on the ball, see some good pitches, work on my timing and get my foot down. It’s crazy. We’ve got 25 games left. I’m trying to pace myself…. I’ve never seen a baseball card with spring training stats on it. I don’t want to be Cactus League MVP. I don’t want that trophy. Y’all can have that. I want that World Series ring.”–Tori Hunter


-I love animals. This pisses me off.

-I need to grab a hybrid soon.

-Ovechkin scored his 50th goal. Here comes the boom.

-Give Ronald Jenkees a few minutes of your time. Hes re-diculous.



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