The Problem with Facebook Apps and Brett Favre Retires

Rachel McAdams

What happened to Rachel McAdams? Besides being absolutely gorgeous, and in my personal Top 10, she had a 15-month period in 2004-05 when she was absolutely on fire, with big roles in Mean Girls, The Notebook and Wedding Crashers. She was at the top of her game. Every guy loved her and girls didn’t mind her either because of The Notebook and her cute role in Wedding Crashers. I thought she was gonna be a star. Guess Red Eye was a bad idea.


How much do you hate moving your car for someone to get out of a driveway or something? I know I do. It takes literally 45 seconds, but when you’re throwing on those shoes and reaching for those keys, I swear it feels like I would rather do anything else. Especially in the winter, too, when you have to throw a jacket into that mix.


Retta and I were talking about it the other day, and he actually thought about posting something here himself, but got a little nervous of the female response. Well I’ll do it for him: how whack are Facebook applications? Things are a chooch meter, the more you have the bigger tool you are. Girls sending you Patriots’ fans apps 3 days before the Super Bowl. Bumper stickers with alcohol and slut jokes. Comparing hotness of people. What type of mixed drink are you? LOL C’mon now. I ignore all those things. Are me and Retta wrong about this?


Brett Favre retired today. Pretty sure it shut down ESPN. Specials on every channel that have right now. I can’t get away from it. Pretty sure Skip Bayless almost just broke down on First Take. Guy’s spewing Favre propaganda right now. Funny how he bounced right after the Pats resigned Moss. Sorry pal, but he’ll stick with Brady.


Every week I update email accounts for my weekly newsletter I send out every Monday for my job with Soccer New England. I cope/paste emails my boss sent me from people who used to subscribe to the print magazine, advertise with the magazine, or anyone who had some sort of affiliation with. I have about 10-12 huge word docs with hundred of emails – all about 4-5 years old, mind you.

A lot of the time I have to delete most of them after I send a test email because the address doesn’t exist anymore, stuff like old AOL screenames when that was all the rage and accounts from servers that don’t exist anymore (like Adelphia and Media One).

So…other day I’m doing my usual copy/paste routine and a certain email address jumped out at me: What theeee? This was 5 years ago. Who knew about this? Who is this messiah? Well I racked my brain for a bit (probably too long considering I should have been working) and couldn’t figure out what else this could stand for. KG initials? I got nothing. I thought about the soccer team Celtic, but why the “s” then? If anyone has any ideas, please comment below. Or if you have AOL, give me a quick info search.


7 Responses to The Problem with Facebook Apps and Brett Favre Retires

  1. Michael C says:

    I had forgotten about her. Yeah, she was the girl of the moment for a while.

    And as someone newer to Facebook, all the app possibilites are freaking me out! Though I admit I did have to add the Schrute Bucks app. I mean we’re talking about Dwight here…

  2. modastpete says:

    Rachel McA has 3 new movies coming out.
    But she got that dang V Beckham haircut.

  3. xxwolfiexx says:

    RLOL at sportstradamus. is a riot for me.

  4. xxwolfiexx says:

    and those applications made me quit facebook. didnt care what kind of drink, what mlb player i am, didnt want to join the go patriots club, fight club, etc. wrecked it for me.

  5. lexlam says:

    You’ll never get my Kerberos…

  6. morgan says:

    i love rachel on mean girls that was soo cool i love her room to i wish my room was like that

  7. Anonymous says:

    Um…why are you stalking that person? kinda creepy.

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