Manny Buys Pedroia a Rolex; Handryers suck

Can’t stand hand dryers in public restrooms. Nothin’ beats a good ol’ paper towel. I think a hand dryer is the only technological advancement that actually made a process slower. Takes a minute+  to fully dry your hands with that thing when a paper towel takes 10 seconds tops. Seriously, can you name any other technology that slows something down? I can’t. Even the old brown paper towels you used in grade school dry things quicker, and those things were barely paper at all – one step down from tree. If you spilt a beaker in science class, you were screwed. Just had to keep dabbing away with that non-absorbant sheet. Eventually you’d just have to let it sit there and slowly soak up like it was a piece of oak.

Loving hearing people slowly incorporating new, professional voice recordings for their voicemail inbox. Gone are ‘Hey, what’s up…” or “Yo, you know who it is…” or a corny R&B or pop song or something. Now that people are entering the profession (read: whack) portion of life, it’s only: “Hi, you’ve reached [insert full name]. I’m available to take your call right now, but if you leave a detailed message, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” Funny to me when you hear someone’s changed message for the first time. Always laugh.

Manny bought Dustin Pedroia a Rolex for winning Rookie of the Year. Promises to get him something else if he hits over .300 again. Love that man.

The ads in the AIM info boxes are really starting to bother me now. Pretty soon they’ll have ‘em right in the damn IM window. No shame here. Remember those ads that would just start playing videos or bumping tunes without prompt? Those were the worst.


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