Matt Walsh, Chuck Norris and The Wire finale

The Wire

First off, a farewell to The Wire. That last episode was perfect for me. I was very nervous the ending was going to piss me off, but it was terrific. It’s a shame I got into the show so late and had to speed through seasons 1-6 since October. Now that Sopranos and The Wire are done forever, and the writer’s strike cancelled this year’s 24 and Entourage, I’m hurting for non-sports TV. I got South Park back in business this Wednesday, but other than that, I got nothing. Any suggestions are welcome.

Now, to the links:

If you get a few minutes, make sure you check out the today’s feature the Globe did on Matt Walsh, the former Patriots video assistant prominently involved in the ongoing Spygate drama. Walsh, as reported by multiple media outlets, is close to reaching some sort of immunity agreement with the NFL so he can tell his story, which both he and his lawyer have indicated contains damaging material against the Pats.

Excellent work by the Globe. This is why you still need newspapers. The internet and TV are great and all, mostly for their instantaneity, but newspapers are the only media where I guy can spend a few weeks making calls, traveling and doing some actual investigative journalism.

The story on what he did to his roommate’s girlfriend at Springfield College is priceless. Worth the read alone. Enjoy.


For all you Chuck Norris fans out there, and I know there’s plenty, here’s a picture tribute detailing the facts and/or legends about “our nation’s greatest hero.”


Finally, I know this site has been circling the internet like crazy and there’s a 85% chance you’ve already seen it, but it’s so good that this is for the other 15% who haven’t: stuff white people like.

I wouldn’t read all of them completely, just do a scan through. I LOL’d at “The Wire,” “Study Abroad,” “Apple products,” “The Daily Show/Colbert Report,” “Making you feel bad about not going outside,” and my favorite on the list: “Irony.” List should just be called Stuff People at BU like. I thought of hundreds of kids I went to college with when reading this thing.


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  1. OMG lafayette iss SEXYYY!

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