The Lovely Erica Ellyson

Coulple quick things before I head off to tonight’s Bruins game, just my second of the year (and that seems like too many).

 First, good to see Clay Bucholtz making it in the bigs. So what if he hasn’t pitched a full seaosn yet, he’s banging Penthouse Pet Eric Ellyson.

Erica Ellyson

 Nice, Clay. In another Sox related piece, Bartolo Colon hit 93 on the gun today. Uh-oh.

Imagine being a big enough celeb where for your birthday you get to suit up and bat leadoff for the Yankees? That’s just was Billy Crystal did today.


I’ll end on a health related note today. It’s a sad day for Boston. They just banned all trans fats in the city, set to begin this September. So much for delicious donuts and french fries. Heart attack risk?? Like worth it??


11 Responses to The Lovely Erica Ellyson

  1. Anoosh says:

    Thanks for the best girl in penthouse(TheLovely Erica Ellyson) she is one of the perfect girls that Iv’e ever seen .but I have never findany contact line to be able to connect her.
    kindly let me know how canI mail or connect her?

  2. Joe says:

    you can reach her at her myspace page you can but sadly i can not ……met her one time Shes from my hometown

  3. ya says:

    she is hot. i wanna fuck her

  4. moradi says:

    She is very nice. She can be My Queen and …
    Yes. OK … Very much

  5. kingnamon says:

    the best girl in penthouse she only one of the
    beauty erica ellyson

  6. pirattes says:

    She is very beauty,…….

  7. Oooo my good! What is this?
    She is my little lady!

  8. Ooooh, my good!
    She is my little lady!
    Very hot baby!

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