Williams, Wolfie, Where were ya?

Yea yea, I know. Im just the co-pilot, or RIO, around here, but goose was still responsible for his actions. I’ve been doin a little schoolwork and spendin a lot of time on the fantasy baseball site so I haven’t posted here in a minute. I’ll get on those youtube’s of the day ASAP and my mind gets caught in a storm of baseball info this time a year so I’ll start posting some Sox thoughts if its OK with Mr. Williams.

Actually, per request, here is a clip of our dude Milan Lucic. The Bruins are Boston’s 4th or 5th favorite team, but I’ve been paying attention a little bit lately. Lucic is a mean dude. Hes young (19) and actually a solid player, not just muscle. Check the clip out even if you’re not really a hockey fan, still good.

I’ll be back with more later.



2 Responses to Williams, Wolfie, Where were ya?

  1. nickwill says:

    Guy just won the B’s Sixth Man Award. Younger than me, cool.

  2. BM says:

    Kid is 19 and dominates some of the best fighters in the NHL and he can score goals. He’s gonna be a Bruin for a long time.

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