Is This The Best Song Out?

September 22, 2009

Wait a tick, I know Cudi and Jigga just came out, but is this song the best song out?

Big ups to Kate for introducing it to me this week.

Now introducing, the best girl song since Maneater, Lady Gaga’s Parazzi:

I guess we all have to dig deep and ask ourselves now, can Lady Gaga be stopped? Doubtful. She’s taking over pop music.

There’s an epic full video too. I was gonna make a joke, something about why Eric from True Blood is in it, but looked closely and pretty sure that’s like the real him:




Cascada, GPS, and Why Aliens Exist

March 27, 2008


Hey, Cascada, how are you famous? What makes you more qualified to jack someone’s song and just remake it over a techno beat than anyone else? Pretty sure this is all you do for songs. How is this possible/legal. People have no problems giving you the rights to songs? Or are they just so sure that the dumbass American public (mostly girls) will sweat this techno-remixed song that they charge tons and it will be worth it to you? Whack.


In 10 -15 years will the next generation be clueless with directions? That’s the way I see things going with GPS now. Induces such mindlessness. I don’t own one, but everytime I borrow someone’s I find myself zoning out, jamming to tunes, paying attention to zero of my surroundings. Could drive somewhere 5-6 times and never in a million years be able to get back with a GPS. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I love ‘em. But once they’re all standard in every new car, I feel people will be F’d when theirs breaks.


I told you I’ve become real into the history channel lately. Now that sucker is all I watch in bed late at night. Because my whole day is usually sports orientated, whether it’s work or the TV in the background if I’m working at home, I’m pretty much all caught up. That makes SportsCenter practically useless to me. So every night when I try to go to bed at a decent hour, it never happens cause I stay up to 2 am watching UFO Hunters, a WWII doc, Underground lairs, or Monster Quest.


That said, I’ve always been into UFOs, but now I’m into them more than ever. I watch one show, become so entrenched with disbelief that this stuff isn’t reported, figure ‘that can’t be real,’ end up doing my own online searching and then find out these things really did happen. WHAT THE FFFF…how can this happen? There’s UFOs out there, bra. No doubt. Too many accounts from professional pilots and former military personnel.

Remember a week or two ago when the US shot down a satellite in space with a guided missile form a navy warship? I doubt that satellite was really on a track to hit earth. That wasn’t a necessity…it was a warning: “Hey, we’re firing if you come.” Awesome.

Richard Zednick, The Celtics, Kayne and Dec. 12. 2012

February 12, 2008
Simes made a good point the other day (really!) about how I should just post my info’s in ym blog because A) it’s accessible to everyone, not just those with AIM and B) I’m not restricted by word count.
Dece idea, I just don’t think people like clicking on links. So for awhile, I’m going to try to write mini infos in my AIM profile and larger ones here. See how it goes over….
Here’s 2/12 info: 
More unbelievable that Richard Zednick is alive, is that one of the doctors than worked on him also worked on Kevin Everett. Weird.
Other day driving home from Boston I drove through a rain storm, a snow storm, another rain storm, then sunny skies in Rockland. It was so crazy. I spent the whole ride adjusting my windshield wipers. Didn’t get it. Weather is so F’d now, worse than ever. Global Warming is like secret real. December 12, 2012: Don’t say you weren’t warned.
From my blog: “Kayne’s CD already has two pretty big hits, especially considering that everyone you know sweats the ultra-addictive, 80s flavored “Stronger.” Couple that with Mr. West’s high probability for a Grammy, considering he’s only getting better and is now well-respected in the music industry and pop world alike, and his selling appeal seems to be at its peak.” 
–Damn lost to..Herbie Hancock?!?! What the. Still rap album of the year tho.
Celts are redic to me. Responded to all the knocks on them already. Three-headed monster with no bench? Posey, House, Big Baby and Leon Powe have been unbelievable; Big Baby was an absolute steal in the second round. Can’t win against the West? 16-0 vs. Western Conference teams. Included in that are wins over Dallas and San Antonio, both withouth KG. That proved to me right there that this team is an actual contender. Very excited to see what these guys can do. Spurs are still the fav., followed by Det. But No. 3 has got 2 go to the Green.

Kanye vs. 50 Cent

October 14, 2007

(Ed.’s note: This post is a cleaned-up version of an email my old roommate, Anthony, sent me in regards to the new 50 Cent and Kanye West CDs.)

Kanye West 50

So let me break it down to you like this. I’ve had both CDs for a week and I think they’re both sub-par. 50’s is worse than Kanye’s, but neither is earth-shattering by any means.

The best song on 50’s CD is probably “Ayo for Techology,” but I also like the song with Tony Yayo (“Tough the Sky”). The rest of the CD is essentially boring and I’ve probably only listened to the whole thing three or four times. Plus he has a song with Robin Thicke.

I guess what I don’t understand is the type of audience 50 is trying to play to. It seems like his music is too hard for adults, but too soft for teens. He’s not really very good at anything and it particularly shows on this CD.

I was thinking about it after I read a lot about him. Basically, he wants to make albums with 15 or 16 potential singles on them. Unfortunately, that formula never works because it doesn’t create a cohesive or listenable album. What it sounds like is someone who made a mix CD off iTunes of all the popular music on the radio, but it was all made by one artist, and by the end of the mix it just gets tiresome.

I found the same thing to be true with Fabolous’s latest CD. The serious songs are tough to take seriously because you just heard like 11 pop-friendly radio hits. If he wanted to do that, he should have at least gotten T-Pain. I’ve gotten to the point where I actually think I’d rather hear T-Pain than Akon — and maybe that’s why I like Kanye’s CD better. He chose the right gimmick of the two.

Kanye’s CD is more of the same, but I just find it more listenable. I would say I’ve probably listened to it back-to-front about 20 times. I really like a few songs on there — namely “Stronger,” “Good Life,” “Barry Bonds” (tho Lil’ Wayne’s verse isn’t exactly his best stuff), “The Glory” and “Homecoming.”

The rest of the CD, especially “Drunk and Hot Girls” is not very good and I really don’t like “Big Brother,” because I feel like he just ganked the idea from The Game’s “Doctor’s Advocate” (which incidentally is a bit ironic because the Game has been jacking people’s names for like every song he’s ever done).

“Good Morning” is fine and so is “Champion,” but they are certainly nothing like the first two songs on his first two CDs (We Don’t Care / All Falls Down and Heard ’em Say / Touch the Sky).

All in all, I think it was a fairly disappointing CD drop. The truth of the matter is there hasn’t really been any superb CD releases this year aside from Bone Thugz and the Lil’ Wayne mixtape.

If it wasn’t Kanye and 50 Cent, I don’t even think I would really listen to the CDs at all. But it’s sort of like watching Bonds after he broke the record; even though I know in my heart it isn’t exciting, I still feel like I should participate.

Bringing back the blog with WEEI, Rick Ross and Paintball

October 11, 2007

****Bringing back the blog (yes, once again…USS is the Rickey Henderson of blogs). Thing’s been getting secret hits (like 150 a day) for some reason while I’ve neglected it. Apparently if you search for bats or batman, my story on the bat attck comes up a lot. Who knows. Anyway, starting off with an info post. Tomorrow: music review. Hopefully will get some contributions from Tevlin, Stello and/or Wolfie someitme soon. Enjoy.***

Can’t listen to EEI without a nice CD on deck for commercials. Their breaks are for like 10-15 minutes…just unbearable stuff too including the hosts doing tons of plugs. I’ll change to CD then check back 3-4 times until it’s back from annoying.

I feel like Rick Ross – Port of Miami is one of the most underrated rap CDs released in the past year or two. Very good every listen.

Don’t get people who drive in the left fast lane on the highway then drive 60. “Hey now, the speed limit’s 60 and that’s what I’m gonna buddy.” – Def what theyre saying in their minds as a line of cars is bunched behind them and they won’t pull to the right lane. What are you trying to prove, hero?

I was gonna buy an XBox 360 (only $279 now) but instead I’m using that money for Miami to see the Pats with Delaney, Tevlin and crew. Is it worth it to buy a used one? Or is that a horrible investment? I’m counting on Tevlin or Wolfie to awnser this here…

Speaking of paintball, I played the other day at my dad’s gf’s son’s (how do you like that chain)bachelor party for the first time since like 8th grade. Forgot how fun it was. You think it’s gonna be lame until you’re out there and all of a sudden you’re in full-out warrior mode, wondering why you didn’t decide to kill people for a living, because you’re having such a ball.

We Own the Night, Gone Baby Gone, and American Gangster are must-see in theatres for me.

Remember what I said the other day about the timeouts right before a field goal attempt? Just saw something on SportsCenter about it…only saw the rundown and not what people had to say. Let me know if you saw.

50 Cent: Not Quite Washed Up

August 27, 2007


If last Tuesday’s T.I., Ciara, T-Pain and Young Joc concert proved anything, it’s this: 50 Cent can still kill it in the right situation.

Fiddy showed up in the middle of Ciara’s set at the Tweeter Center, giving everyone there a breather from the deep-voiced, sucky-singing songstress, who seemed like she’s facing a career crossroads deciding whether to be a pop star or a rap diva.

For some reason – maybe to promote his new album, which after four dud singles he decided to hype with a straight up challenge to Kayne – 50 Cent has been everywhere. He was at Summer Jam at Tweeter earlier in the year, he was with Rage and Wu Tang in New York and now here he was, at the place where he’d been booed two months prior (“Hey, I’m not even supposed to be here”), rapping his verse from Ciara’s “Can’t Leave ‘Em.”

Maybe it was because everyone was sick of Ciara, or because the predominately female crowd got to see 50 with his shirt off, but for whatever reason, the place erupted. They went wild when he first came out and absolutely lost it when he launched into “I Get Money,” complete with an 8 Mile-esque, full-crowd hand bounce as a white strobe light pulsated to the beat.

I have to say, it was very, very ill. And I don’t even like 50 that much.

But you gotta give the guy a little credit – he is trying. He vowed that he’ll quit making solo albums if his latest record doesn’t outsell Kayne’s, scheduled to be released the same day.

It’ll at least be interesting to see how that pans out. Kayne’s CD already has two pretty big hits, especially considering that everyone you know sweats the ultra-addictive, 80s-flavored “Stronger.” Couple that with Mr. West’s high probability for a Grammy, considering he’s only getting better and is now well-respected in the music industry and pop world alike, and his selling appeal seems to be at its peak.

But this is 50 Cent, after all, and it’s always risky to doubt him. People love him and his beats will bump in trunk subs and night clubs everywhere, no matter how absurd the lyrics are (“Some rides go fast/Some rides go slow”).

And if last Tuesday proved anything, he can still get a crowd going.

South Park, MySpace Creeps and other parting shots heading into the weekend

July 26, 2007

South Park

I can’t believe I used to not like South Park. I can’t believe I actually argued Family Guy was better. And this was just a year ago. What was I thinking?

I guess I just saw some of the early seasons (seasons 1 and 2 actually aren’t that good) and must have only seen bad episodes from the later ones. What probably happened, is that I saw a bunch of the gross poop, puke, weird ones that I don’t really like anyway.

But still, I’m almost embarrassed I defended Family Guy. South Park is infinitely better. It’s wittier, funnier, more clever and absolutely makes fun of everything. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are legit geniuses. The stuff they come up with…incredible.

They use to perfection: satire, lampooning, parody and shock-value (yea I took a comedy class freshman year). Their message is never real, but always one of humor – they make fun of every side of an issue you can think of, making sure no one gets left out. And when they get too preachy, or when they think they do, they make fun of themselves.

My roommates and I DVR’d all episodes this year, so I’ve almost seen every episode now, although new ones crop up in My Recordings every now and then.

Seriously, you have to trust me on this. If you’re shaking your head saying “no way, that show is whack,” you really need to give it a shot. I’m telling you, no show keeps up with pop culture and current events like this one. And no show makes fun of them in a way that’s always pretty much exactly how you want it.

God bless Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny for making my year way funnier.

Read an article that said MySpace identified 29,000 sex offenders with profiles on its site. Haha, WHAT??? Yea, that site is safe. Wall post away, kids!

A very underrated thing we do as humans is heal. Cut myself the other day and was thinking about it. You lose skin, your body takes care of it. Lil scab, shed the dead skin, grow some new skin and, bingo, you’re all good. So ill that we have that rejuvenation power. Good looks, God.

“So easy a caveman could do it” is taking over rap lyrics. That line is in so many songs now. It was clever the first 1 or 2 times I heard it. Now I’m over it.

Wow the drawstring in gym shorts is annoying. You kidding me? Why’s this thing designed to fall out? Anyone wanna explain that? I know you’re with me, you hate that moment when you look down and notice one string is way longer than the other and the other has slipped through the hole. You might even feel around a little bit thinking you can fix it. No way pal. You need a Mom for that. They’re nice at it.

Actually, girls in general are pretty good at it. I don’t know one guy who can do it. Except Matty D says his dad can. Don’t know if I believe him though.

Was watching TV the other day with my boy Trey and that Pepsi Max commercial came on with all the people yawning in it. It legit made Trey yawn, I loved it. So I hit rewind and watched it again more closely to see if it would do it to me. Didn’t work, but I could kinda feel my mouth moving a little. Don’t know if me being conscience of what I was trying to do affected it or not. Anyone yawn to this commercial?

Couple last sidenotes in what might be my last post until Monday:

This is a huge weekend for concerts. You got the Police at Fenway, 311 at Tweeter, Country Fest and Rage Against the Machine w/ Wu-Tang. So redic for music lovers.

Gotta mention sports once. How bout this: The Red Sox and Indians’ exchange of 1-0 victories on consecutive nights was the first time two AL teams did that since 1975. Doesn’t that seem pretty absurd?

By the way, don’t you dare pitch to ANY Yankee. It’s probably going to end up an RBI double or something.