The Patriots, President and that “other” Drive-Thru Window

April 1, 2008

I’ll kick this post off with a little ditty on how clandestine the Patriots actually are. So I’m on my way to the New England Revolution’s Media Day last Tuesday for work. It’s at Gillette Stadium, which, of course is shared by the football and soccer teams in the region. I didn’t read the intro email and stupidly walked to the door I’d normally enter when going to a Revs game. Locked. OK, so now I know I have to walk all the way to the entrance at the other side of the stadium. Fine. So I’m walking along, checking stuff out. Try one door. Locked. Try another. Doesn’t look right so I leave. I realize the guy at the gate earlier had mentioned something about the Pro Shop. So maybe the entrance is through there. I’m walking across a private lot, almost there when I get stopped by a guy with a headset. Security.

“What are you doing,” he says.
“I’m lost, maybe you can help me out,” I reply.
“You can’t be around here. This is a football area only. We’ve been watching you on the security camera the whole time,” he says.
Now here’s where I wanted to say something witty and awesome like “Well, Eric Magnini sent over…” or “You guys always have your eyes on the camera…” but instead paused to figure a cool way to say it, struggled, chickened out and just asked him to point me in the right direction. Still, THAT’s how clamped down things are in the land of Belichick. Now…on to the info post:


How obsolete is that other window in a drive-thru? Thing’s just a placeholder for a “Next Window, please” sign now. When’s the last time anyone has used that? And who thought that was a necessary idea? No, no we can’t have people paying and getting their food at the same window. We def need two. And then everyone went and copied it like it was a brilliant breakthrough. About as useful as a VCR now.


Had some internal debates with tipping recently. Not the standard tipping like at a bar or restaurant, but in other realms where the rules aren’t as clear. For instance, I heard that some people tip the guys who pump your gas at full-serve stations. Incred to me, thought never crossed my mind. I would never tip them, but on the other hand, I tip the kids who wipe down your car after you go through the auto car wash. Also, I always tell them to keep the change when I go through the Dunkies drive-thru, but I’d never do the same at a fast food place. Isn’t it basically the same thing? There’s some weird rules there that need clarification.


One of my favorite Will Ferrell SNL characters was his George Bush bits. Here’s a nice little summary clip.

LOL this got be searching some Bush stuff. This is probably the shortest and funniest one:


South Park, Ralph Nadar and Derek Jeter

February 24, 2008

South Park

I bought the South Park movie the other day for 5 bucks because I somehow didn’t own it. I’ve seen it plenty of times, but watched it again because that’s what I do after I buy a DVD. I was literally crying during Cartman’s song about Kyle’s mom. Tears came out. That song never gets old and movie in general is so re-watchable. Remember it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song for “Blame Canada?”

Just reaffirms how good this show is. Nominated for an Academy Award, nominated for 7 Emmys, winning two of them for “BFF” and “World of Warcraft.” The South Park movie got an unbelievable 81% on, a site that polls major reviews of every movie. That’s so good for that site. For a movie/show that doesn’t take itself seriously and blatantly abuses crude and lewd humor, it must be really good to get such good reviews.

If you still think Family Guy is better, I feel sorry for you. You’re either uninformed or stubbornly ignorant. At least go to, click on the 10th season and find the episode called “Cartoon Wars.” If you still think Family Guy is better….well you’re just a chooch. I guess the Teen Choice Awards voted FG the best animated series over SP in 2006, so at least you have some pubescent brace-faces on your side. I’m sure they have their reasons.


So, Ralph Nadar is running for president again?

Wouldn’t be a big deal to except that political experts say he’ll most likely hurt the Democratic candidate, which will incite me with anger if he swings the race from Obama to McCain. Once I found out he was running I thought to myself that I feel like he’s ran every year since I can remember. Turns out, after a quick Wikipedia, he’s run every four years since 1992. What!? Give it up, buddy.


Funny that Derek Jeter is the voice of baseball. Not really that it’s him because, let’s face it, who else would it be? But more because anything he says is made into a headline and held almost as gospel. For instance, he said he would welcome blood testing in baseball and it was a headline. OK, well that’s just one person’s opinion. Am I supposed to be convinced by this? And I remember back during the Clemens hearings it was “Jeter says hearings bad for the game.” Well, alright, I agree, but isn’t that kind of obvious.

Reporters just ask him a question about a subject, see what he says and then it’s an auto headline. Weird that he’s pretty much the only guy in sports that this happens to.


Love that the Sox extended Francona. Great move. Always been a big fan of his. He gets a lot of shit (Francoma) but it’s really not his game management that I’m overly impressed with: it’s just his overall professional approach. Guy handles everything and everybody perfect. Lot of egos, superstars and personalities in that clubhouse. Plus the overall media and fan scrutiny/pressure playing in Boston. I think people sometimes forget that the Sox being normal is a relatively new thing. It used to be crazy in that organization. The fact that spring training now goes on without any drama is amazing. The club has certainly come a long way and I think that’s in part because of Terry. So respected and professional. Love it.