Cascada, GPS, and Why Aliens Exist

March 27, 2008


Hey, Cascada, how are you famous? What makes you more qualified to jack someone’s song and just remake it over a techno beat than anyone else? Pretty sure this is all you do for songs. How is this possible/legal. People have no problems giving you the rights to songs? Or are they just so sure that the dumbass American public (mostly girls) will sweat this techno-remixed song that they charge tons and it will be worth it to you? Whack.


In 10 -15 years will the next generation be clueless with directions? That’s the way I see things going with GPS now. Induces such mindlessness. I don’t own one, but everytime I borrow someone’s I find myself zoning out, jamming to tunes, paying attention to zero of my surroundings. Could drive somewhere 5-6 times and never in a million years be able to get back with a GPS. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I love ‘em. But once they’re all standard in every new car, I feel people will be F’d when theirs breaks.


I told you I’ve become real into the history channel lately. Now that sucker is all I watch in bed late at night. Because my whole day is usually sports orientated, whether it’s work or the TV in the background if I’m working at home, I’m pretty much all caught up. That makes SportsCenter practically useless to me. So every night when I try to go to bed at a decent hour, it never happens cause I stay up to 2 am watching UFO Hunters, a WWII doc, Underground lairs, or Monster Quest.


That said, I’ve always been into UFOs, but now I’m into them more than ever. I watch one show, become so entrenched with disbelief that this stuff isn’t reported, figure ‘that can’t be real,’ end up doing my own online searching and then find out these things really did happen. WHAT THE FFFF…how can this happen? There’s UFOs out there, bra. No doubt. Too many accounts from professional pilots and former military personnel.

Remember a week or two ago when the US shot down a satellite in space with a guided missile form a navy warship? I doubt that satellite was really on a track to hit earth. That wasn’t a necessity…it was a warning: “Hey, we’re firing if you come.” Awesome.


The Problem with Facebook Apps and Brett Favre Retires

March 4, 2008

Rachel McAdams

What happened to Rachel McAdams? Besides being absolutely gorgeous, and in my personal Top 10, she had a 15-month period in 2004-05 when she was absolutely on fire, with big roles in Mean Girls, The Notebook and Wedding Crashers. She was at the top of her game. Every guy loved her and girls didn’t mind her either because of The Notebook and her cute role in Wedding Crashers. I thought she was gonna be a star. Guess Red Eye was a bad idea.


How much do you hate moving your car for someone to get out of a driveway or something? I know I do. It takes literally 45 seconds, but when you’re throwing on those shoes and reaching for those keys, I swear it feels like I would rather do anything else. Especially in the winter, too, when you have to throw a jacket into that mix.


Retta and I were talking about it the other day, and he actually thought about posting something here himself, but got a little nervous of the female response. Well I’ll do it for him: how whack are Facebook applications? Things are a chooch meter, the more you have the bigger tool you are. Girls sending you Patriots’ fans apps 3 days before the Super Bowl. Bumper stickers with alcohol and slut jokes. Comparing hotness of people. What type of mixed drink are you? LOL C’mon now. I ignore all those things. Are me and Retta wrong about this?


Brett Favre retired today. Pretty sure it shut down ESPN. Specials on every channel that have right now. I can’t get away from it. Pretty sure Skip Bayless almost just broke down on First Take. Guy’s spewing Favre propaganda right now. Funny how he bounced right after the Pats resigned Moss. Sorry pal, but he’ll stick with Brady.


Every week I update email accounts for my weekly newsletter I send out every Monday for my job with Soccer New England. I cope/paste emails my boss sent me from people who used to subscribe to the print magazine, advertise with the magazine, or anyone who had some sort of affiliation with. I have about 10-12 huge word docs with hundred of emails – all about 4-5 years old, mind you.

A lot of the time I have to delete most of them after I send a test email because the address doesn’t exist anymore, stuff like old AOL screenames when that was all the rage and accounts from servers that don’t exist anymore (like Adelphia and Media One).

So…other day I’m doing my usual copy/paste routine and a certain email address jumped out at me: What theeee? This was 5 years ago. Who knew about this? Who is this messiah? Well I racked my brain for a bit (probably too long considering I should have been working) and couldn’t figure out what else this could stand for. KG initials? I got nothing. I thought about the soccer team Celtic, but why the “s” then? If anyone has any ideas, please comment below. Or if you have AOL, give me a quick info search.

I’m F*cking Ben Affleck: Kimmel’s Response to Silverman

February 26, 2008

Loved Sarah Silverman’s dig to boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel about banging Matt Damon. Truly a piece of comedic genious and made me reconsider my thoughts on her.  Then I saw the other day (last night I think) Kimmel had aired a response on his show. Unreal:

For those of you who havn’t seen the original video in its entirety:

 Another link I thought was very interesting from this week, Harvard’s gym is implenting women’s only gym hours to accomodate its Muslim students who can’t work out in front of men. That’s real. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the 1500s!

Also, Floyd Mayweather supposedly is going to wrestle The Big Show in March’s WrestleMania. Supposed to be banking a cool $20 mill for it. Watch him make it rain in that video.

Richard Zednick, The Celtics, Kayne and Dec. 12. 2012

February 12, 2008
Simes made a good point the other day (really!) about how I should just post my info’s in ym blog because A) it’s accessible to everyone, not just those with AIM and B) I’m not restricted by word count.
Dece idea, I just don’t think people like clicking on links. So for awhile, I’m going to try to write mini infos in my AIM profile and larger ones here. See how it goes over….
Here’s 2/12 info: 
More unbelievable that Richard Zednick is alive, is that one of the doctors than worked on him also worked on Kevin Everett. Weird.
Other day driving home from Boston I drove through a rain storm, a snow storm, another rain storm, then sunny skies in Rockland. It was so crazy. I spent the whole ride adjusting my windshield wipers. Didn’t get it. Weather is so F’d now, worse than ever. Global Warming is like secret real. December 12, 2012: Don’t say you weren’t warned.
From my blog: “Kayne’s CD already has two pretty big hits, especially considering that everyone you know sweats the ultra-addictive, 80s flavored “Stronger.” Couple that with Mr. West’s high probability for a Grammy, considering he’s only getting better and is now well-respected in the music industry and pop world alike, and his selling appeal seems to be at its peak.” 
–Damn lost to..Herbie Hancock?!?! What the. Still rap album of the year tho.
Celts are redic to me. Responded to all the knocks on them already. Three-headed monster with no bench? Posey, House, Big Baby and Leon Powe have been unbelievable; Big Baby was an absolute steal in the second round. Can’t win against the West? 16-0 vs. Western Conference teams. Included in that are wins over Dallas and San Antonio, both withouth KG. That proved to me right there that this team is an actual contender. Very excited to see what these guys can do. Spurs are still the fav., followed by Det. But No. 3 has got 2 go to the Green.

The Key to Super Bowl XLII

January 31, 2008


 With support from bettors, bandwagon-jumpers and the national media beginning to swell, the Giants are becoming a trendy pick to make Super Bowl XLII a competitive, nail-biting, whoever-has-the-ball-last-wins affair.

However, the Giants’ chances this Sunday come down to one thing and one thing only: how well they perform in the first 10 minutes of the game.

This isn’t just one aspect of Sunday’s game — it’s everything.

If the Giants match the Patriots or at least keep the score within 3 for the first 10 minutes, they will be in this football game. If they let the Patriots score first, go 3-and-out, then watch the Pats march right back down the field, this one is over.

Simple as that.

The whole key to playing the Patriots — and this isn’t just true for the Super Bowl, it’s been the case for the whole second half of the season — is making sure you’re within striking distance after the first couple possessions.

Want proof? How else do you explain how decent teams like Buffalo and Washington got waxed by 40+? The Pats score first, create a turnover or force the other team to punt, score again, and now it’s 14-0 and the opposition has officially packed it in.

They have no chance after that. They’ve already been psychologically defeated.

Against the Chargers in Week 2, it was 7-0 Patriots before you could sit down and 14-0 just seven minutes later. Think about it. Just 11:05 into the game and this one was over. Not pretty much over, or looks like it’s over, but truly and unequivocally over. The Pats went up 17-0 after 20 minutes and 24-0 after 25. Good night, San Diego. You stay classy.

Against Miami in Week 7, the Pats went up 14-0 just 10:32 into the contest after two Tom Brady TD passes. I was at that game. New England scored on its first possession a little over five minutes into the game and you could see the reactions of the Dolphins’ players. “Here we go…” They were already taken out of the game. It felt like someone sucked the air out of that putrid stadium. The fans thought it was over (they were silenced already), the players played like it was over (it was 42-7 at HALF!) and the Pats kept marching on.

Look at the close games the Pats had this year. Indy. Philly. Baltimore. The G-Men in the last game of the season. In each case, the opposition was leading after the first quarter — except the Eagles, who were actually trailing, 14-7, after the first 15 minutes, but scored twice in the second frame to go up a score heading into halftime. These teams all felt like they could play with the Pats for 60 minutes.

Because let’s face it. Playing an undefeated team that’s stacked on both sides of the ball, has already won three of the past six championships and is routinely referred to as the Greatest Team of All-Time HAS to have some sort of mental effect of players, no matter what they may say.

If you can score first or at least keep up in the first 10 minutes of the ballgame, all of a sudden you’re saying to yourself: “Hey, we can play with these guys. They’re just another team in the NFL.” After that, the key to winning is reduced to the most rudimentary and fundamental prism of the NFL: limit turnovers and get 7 instead of 3.

If you keep it close early, you think you can win the game. That’s why the Giants, Colts, Eagles and Ravens all came close to knocking off Tom Brady and his stable of all-world wideouts. They were that little blue locomotive that had to tow the much larger train up a huge hill — they thought they could.

The Giants certainly aren’t lacking confidence. But we’ll have to reassess that after the first few possessions.

You don’t have to score first if you’re playing the Pats. But if you don’t, then you damn well better stop them. Or make sure you match them on the next drive.

Otherwise…you’re in for a long day.

Kanye vs. 50 Cent

October 14, 2007

(Ed.’s note: This post is a cleaned-up version of an email my old roommate, Anthony, sent me in regards to the new 50 Cent and Kanye West CDs.)

Kanye West 50

So let me break it down to you like this. I’ve had both CDs for a week and I think they’re both sub-par. 50’s is worse than Kanye’s, but neither is earth-shattering by any means.

The best song on 50’s CD is probably “Ayo for Techology,” but I also like the song with Tony Yayo (“Tough the Sky”). The rest of the CD is essentially boring and I’ve probably only listened to the whole thing three or four times. Plus he has a song with Robin Thicke.

I guess what I don’t understand is the type of audience 50 is trying to play to. It seems like his music is too hard for adults, but too soft for teens. He’s not really very good at anything and it particularly shows on this CD.

I was thinking about it after I read a lot about him. Basically, he wants to make albums with 15 or 16 potential singles on them. Unfortunately, that formula never works because it doesn’t create a cohesive or listenable album. What it sounds like is someone who made a mix CD off iTunes of all the popular music on the radio, but it was all made by one artist, and by the end of the mix it just gets tiresome.

I found the same thing to be true with Fabolous’s latest CD. The serious songs are tough to take seriously because you just heard like 11 pop-friendly radio hits. If he wanted to do that, he should have at least gotten T-Pain. I’ve gotten to the point where I actually think I’d rather hear T-Pain than Akon — and maybe that’s why I like Kanye’s CD better. He chose the right gimmick of the two.

Kanye’s CD is more of the same, but I just find it more listenable. I would say I’ve probably listened to it back-to-front about 20 times. I really like a few songs on there — namely “Stronger,” “Good Life,” “Barry Bonds” (tho Lil’ Wayne’s verse isn’t exactly his best stuff), “The Glory” and “Homecoming.”

The rest of the CD, especially “Drunk and Hot Girls” is not very good and I really don’t like “Big Brother,” because I feel like he just ganked the idea from The Game’s “Doctor’s Advocate” (which incidentally is a bit ironic because the Game has been jacking people’s names for like every song he’s ever done).

“Good Morning” is fine and so is “Champion,” but they are certainly nothing like the first two songs on his first two CDs (We Don’t Care / All Falls Down and Heard ’em Say / Touch the Sky).

All in all, I think it was a fairly disappointing CD drop. The truth of the matter is there hasn’t really been any superb CD releases this year aside from Bone Thugz and the Lil’ Wayne mixtape.

If it wasn’t Kanye and 50 Cent, I don’t even think I would really listen to the CDs at all. But it’s sort of like watching Bonds after he broke the record; even though I know in my heart it isn’t exciting, I still feel like I should participate.

Bringing back the blog with WEEI, Rick Ross and Paintball

October 11, 2007

****Bringing back the blog (yes, once again…USS is the Rickey Henderson of blogs). Thing’s been getting secret hits (like 150 a day) for some reason while I’ve neglected it. Apparently if you search for bats or batman, my story on the bat attck comes up a lot. Who knows. Anyway, starting off with an info post. Tomorrow: music review. Hopefully will get some contributions from Tevlin, Stello and/or Wolfie someitme soon. Enjoy.***

Can’t listen to EEI without a nice CD on deck for commercials. Their breaks are for like 10-15 minutes…just unbearable stuff too including the hosts doing tons of plugs. I’ll change to CD then check back 3-4 times until it’s back from annoying.

I feel like Rick Ross – Port of Miami is one of the most underrated rap CDs released in the past year or two. Very good every listen.

Don’t get people who drive in the left fast lane on the highway then drive 60. “Hey now, the speed limit’s 60 and that’s what I’m gonna buddy.” – Def what theyre saying in their minds as a line of cars is bunched behind them and they won’t pull to the right lane. What are you trying to prove, hero?

I was gonna buy an XBox 360 (only $279 now) but instead I’m using that money for Miami to see the Pats with Delaney, Tevlin and crew. Is it worth it to buy a used one? Or is that a horrible investment? I’m counting on Tevlin or Wolfie to awnser this here…

Speaking of paintball, I played the other day at my dad’s gf’s son’s (how do you like that chain)bachelor party for the first time since like 8th grade. Forgot how fun it was. You think it’s gonna be lame until you’re out there and all of a sudden you’re in full-out warrior mode, wondering why you didn’t decide to kill people for a living, because you’re having such a ball.

We Own the Night, Gone Baby Gone, and American Gangster are must-see in theatres for me.

Remember what I said the other day about the timeouts right before a field goal attempt? Just saw something on SportsCenter about it…only saw the rundown and not what people had to say. Let me know if you saw.